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I live between Paris and Italy

Born in Africa (Benin), I spent the first years of my life in a village deep in the bush. This first spontaneous immersion in the animist world left a strong impression on my visual imagination.
Working as Advertising Art Director I’ve founded my own agency very early. I have always had an anthropologic interest towards the industrial society, looking at its role in the production of our primary as well as futile needs. I have fostered this aesthetic attraction and my interest in the memory of objects, by creating ephemeral installations of objets trouvés, picked up in nature or in the working environment.
In 2000 I found out some abandoned garbage in the coves of San Pietro island in Sardinia. This discovery would define my photographic language: for me waste is the metaphor of human soul, of our relationship with body, life, death and the sacred. It tells us about our society, about its past and its future. The output of such an artis
tic approach is an aesthetic and ethic project.

2015 — Finalist, LensCulture Hearth Awards 2015
2013 — Nominated for the Prix Pictet "Consumption"

Private collection
JP Morgan Chase - London
Fondation EDF - Paris

Ardagh Group - Paris

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